At the Intersection of Sexuality, Gender, Class and Whiteness: Two Analytical Paragraphs

Paper details:

Write two paragraphs using at least three quotations from the textbook, RCG Chapters 8-12 and the Canvas article by Jensen, that contribute to your overall discussion. Be sure to explain each quotation, explain the concepts, and answer all of the questions.

Paragraph One: Explain homophobia as you learn about it from Pharr, and heterosexism from Griscom. How does homophobia intersect with ableism and sexism in the lives of Sharon and Karen? What are the consequences? (300 words)

Paragraph Two: Explain white privilege. McIntosh, d’Angelo and Jensen offer self-reflective awareness of their lived experience of whiteness, privilege and oppression. What is the relationship between privilege and oppression? How do their lived experiences contribute to their analysis? Why is it important that people with privilege reflect on privilege? (300 words)

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