Assignment 2- T3 2021 MMK295

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Research Paper



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3 / 825

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Sophomore (College 2nd year)

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AU English

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1 page + well-structured + cited references


Dear writer, I have attached all necessary theory for you in the form of PDFs from the classes from different weeks and also other helpful resources. All assignment requirements and information is in the document “Assignment 2 Outline and Rubric – T3 2021 MMK295”. All other files are useful resources to guide you, kindly please use them to help you. In addition also please use at least 10 peer-reviewed journal articles to support your answers. Also please only do the following part of the assignment:
Section 1: Campaign Plan (25 marks)
1. Defining the problem statement. (7 marks)
• Briefly introduce the brand, position, industry.

• Explain what, if anything, is Jenbury Financial currently not doing that it needs to be in order
to flourish and thrive at their stated aims as a company?
o Make any necessary reference to competitors, industry factors and trends, and
technological changes or advancements which may help you define the problem.
o Relate to the brand’s position and existing communication strategies. Highlight any
issues of confusion or positioning as relevant.
• Explain what, if anything, Jenbury Financial must consider when promoting this new course?
• Briefly preview (1 sentence) how your campaign will help address this problem.

2. Indicate and justify a target audience for your campaign. (8 marks)
• Some targeting details will be given you to after Assignment 1, prior to starting work on this
assignment. Instead of starting a new profile, you will be asked to:
o Briefly explain/justify why this target is suitable
o Justify any additions or alterations you make to this profile
o Indicate where/when these consumers are receptive to marketing communications
o Outline their level of awareness when it comes to the brand and to financial services
(Hierarchy of Effects / Week 4 and 5)

3. Outline your campaign objective and more narrow communication goals. (10 marks)

• What is the broad marketing communications objective to this campaign? (week 5)
o Who/What/When format
o Why this objective – it must clearly relate or be justified back to the problem
statement and/or to the target segment.

• Outline the more specific communication goals, for example: (5 marks)
o What do we want our target audience to think at the end of this campaign?
o What do you intend to change? Their perceptions? Attitudes? Etc? In what way?
o What action do we want our audience to take as a result of this campaign?

Other Requirements (15 marks)
10. Concluding Summary (5 marks)
• Brief conclusion that returns to the initial problem statement and highlights the main points
of your campaign as the proposed solution.

Reference List and Compliance (10 marks)
• Work must be well-written, with no errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. An
introductory sentence and concluding sentence are expected.
• Cohesion across sections is important. Submit an integrated assignment.
• Evidence must be used to justify arguments. Documents require embedded citations and a
reference list using Harvard style of referencing. Other support, marketing stimuli, etc. may be
included in line or in an appendix, and properly referenced in-text so each figure, table, and
example is clear.

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