Asian studies

Paper details:

•Describe a feature of the Indus Valley/Harappan Civilization that stands out to you as unique among ancient civilizations. What do you think is the most plausible explanation for how this civilization came to an end?

•Explore the artifacts from the Indus Valley at the National Museum in New Delhi, India. Click on the images themselves to have a closer look and learn more about them. After reading about them, select one piece of art, and describe what you think it conveys about the concerns and/or values of the inhabitants of the Indus Valley. Do you think we share similar concerns and/or values in our lives today? Use evidence from one or more resources.

• The caste (AKA jati or varna) system has been a prominent feature of Indian society since ancient times. Given what you understand about the duties of the four main divisions in the system (brahmins, kshatriyas, vaisyas, sudras), please describe what you think might be one advantage and one disadvantage of this hierarchical social structure.

Each question needs to be answered separately in an MLA format.

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