Artist’s Work

Artist’s Work

Lee Krasner was a dedicated artist in the peak of Abstract Expressionism in America’s capital city in the mid of the nineteenth century. Lee’s Composition made a breakthrough for her towards the beginning of the 1950s. The painting showed Lee’s skillful control of new and unconventional painting techniques (Philadelphia Museum of Art). The art surprisingly pictures that integrates writing and drawing considering she worked on the canvas on a flat surface painting with a palette dagger sticks spilling paint from a tin or applying it directly from the tube. Krasner Composition is covered with sophisticated networks of overlapping straps of white color structuring triangular, circular and square compartments. The artwork celebrates painting as an ancient method of communicating via a correlation to picture-based writing codes that portend the development of alphabets. Lee’s Composition is emotionally charged and shows the happiness and love that she felt. The colors are aesthetically pleasing and capture ones attention from a far.

Hung Liu is renowned for his artistic works that are inspired by past Chinese photographs. The meanings of his art come from the manner in which drips and washes dissolve the portrait signifying the passage of memory into history. For instance in Liu, Open Sky painting two young boys chilling in a clear and a calm weather with a blue sky. It is visionary and visually stimulates togetherness and brotherhood. The story behind this painting might have been that Liu saw a picture of two young brothers who were just enjoying each other’s company and the colorful weather and timeless moment inspired him. In the masterpiece, there is hyper-creativity that gives in to the wearing down of memory and passage of time and at the same moment bring out pale photographic images that are simplistic paintings.

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