Article with economic graph chart of article

Paper details: Here are some tips to help you in maximizing your success for your Article Review assignments. Please take a moment to read through these tips and apply them to your next assignment.

Read and Follow Directions! Your summary should be short (about 2 paragraphs), and you should clearly articulate economic analysis that is not just summarizing the article. You should select a current events newspaper article from the Wall Street Journal. Do not use a video, an academic article, a blog post, or a years- or decades-old article for your selection. Do not pick an article that you will have a difficult time illustrating that week’s economic concepts. You will lose points going forward for not following directions.
Clearly Reference your Article and Sources – many students presented material that they found elsewhere, and did not always reference their sources. It is imperative in academic work you give credit for sourcing material. Also, make sure you follow the APA guidelines for referencing work. If you need help, contact me or a librarian.
Clearly label sections of your submission – This is not required, but it is *extremely* helpful for me, and I think for you too in organizing your submission. Clear headlines help. Have a headline for your “Summary” section, then your “Economic Analysis” section; your “Graphs” section and your “why I chose this” section, etc. It will help keep you on track.
Your graphs must be your own work. Do not copy and paste from a book, and your axes and points of interest should be clearly labeled.
Proofread Your Work: A great place to get 100% is on the grammar/style section. Proofread your work to avoid losing points to spelling errors/poor grammar.

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