Article Critique


Article Critique

Paper details:

Writing Your Critique: Below, you will find a brief description of this assignment. Please reference the document in the model that provides more details about the critique and expectations. ____________________ Please divide your paper into 4 or 5 sections prompted by the list above. Each article is different, so there is no standard format. Have a heading for each section, bold and left justified. Begin with an introductory paragraph introducing the topic and the article. Then, write the article and have a paragraph or two of conclusion and reflection. Write a minimum of 1,000 words. This means you cannot have an extensive summary of the article (like you did for Article Summary assignment) and you will need to be concise. You will be graded on how well you understand the article, so read it the way you are instructed above. Read the article once and then go back and read and highlight according to the questions above. Not all questions provided in the guide (see other document) will pertain to every article. This assignment is probably the first time you have ever done a writing assignment like this, and we understand it can be challenging. Do your best work, proof read, and edit. Include a reference page at the end of your critique in flawless APA style.

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