Art history assignment about Allbirds (shoes) in San Francisco

  • Topic: Art history assignment about Allbirds (shoes) in San Francisco.
  • Style: Chicago/Turabian
  • Number of pages: 3 pages/double spaced (825 words)
  • PowerPoint slides: 0
  • Number of source/references: 2
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Order instructions:You will observe a local example of design and utilize those observations in this assignment. You will apply the principles of Bronislaw Malinowski’s “7 Basic Needs and Cultural Responses,” to Allbirds (shoes) in San Francisco. You are required to develop language that describes the visual experience of this example of design by applying concepts learned in class, and through research. You will use that research to support your argument.

You will analyze this example according to the required reading written by Malinowski, and engage in independent research. There is a minimum requirement to include two sources which come from academic journals or books.


Paragraph 1: Thesis Statement and introduction: Main idea states what you will look at and defines the main issues of the body of paper is evidence to support your thesis

Paragraph 2:This will include a formal analysis. You will address the following questions:

What does the Design look like? Describe your selection with a high level of specificity! What are the dimensions if known? What are the materials? How does form reflect function? How does the design make your selection meaningful? Consider utilitarian, cultural and/or aesthetic function.

Paragraph 3: Identifying Culture: Use Bronislaw Malinowski Download Bronislaw Malinowski as a guide to discuss the cultural aspect of the designer and its user, the object/space/logo assumed to be present, how does it meet a basic need as a cultural response? How does the designer appeal through the design itself?

Paragraph 4: Research context: What do the research sources add to your discussion of the example of local design?
Paragraph 5: Conclusion: Deliver on what you have promised in your introduction. You should restate the reasons for or significance of design.
Style: Please follow Chicago Manual of Style.

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