art exhibit/ gender equality

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The final project for this course is the creation of a virtual museum exhibition.
Women have played a unique role in society, regardless of the time period or geographical location. These roles have consistently gone unacknowledged, or they
were not deemed equal by contemporaries and male counterparts. The purpose of this final project is to examine these roles in a chronological evaluation of
their historical and cultural context. Your findings will lead you to various conclusions on the factors that created inequality among men and women throughout
time and in various cultures, as well as the factors that inspired the twentieth-century feminist movement.
The field of art history provides excellent visual documentation of cultures and people of the past, while serving as a tool for tracking historical changes.
Hundreds of museums worldwide offer the ability to view these works and themes for the benefit of learning artistic styles and mindsets of the past. In this
project, you will navigate through the databases of real museum collections to not only enhance your research skills but also apply creative and critical thinking
while making advanced connections relevant to the course material.
In the final project, you will curate a virtual exhibition by selecting four works from major museum collections that correspond to a cohesive theme. The goal of
your exhibition is to demonstrate how perceptions of the female role and depictions of the female figure have changed over time. Analyzing your works to
identify the societal roles of women in various cultures, the changing opportunities for women, the perspective of female versus male artists, and the
manifestation of gender fluidity will provide you with an opportunity for observation and reflection on the ever-evolving relationship of women, art, and society. In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:
· Analyze representations of women for determining how artists from diverse backgrounds perceived women across time periods
· Analyze societal factors for their influence on the evolution of gender fluidity in art
· Assess works of art related to themes of gender utilizing historical, social, and cultural contexts
· Examine visual cues in works of art for determining their influence on the interpretation of gender roles .
the theme i chose was gender fluidity.
attached are also the rubric for this project, my draft of the project, a document with all the pieces I have picked for this project as well as the sample paper given to us for this paper.
professor said to follow the sample to the T

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