Art does not exist unless it is shared

Although how we use our creativity is different, we all value it greatly. Regardless of the industry, an individual venture into creativity will always be appreciated. It does not matter how talented an artist is; if his art has no audience, he is yet to succeed. The audience does not necessarily have to be large or of a certain caliber. Usually, art is meant to pass some message, and an artist cannot pass the word to himself.

It is not always that people will say something nice about a piece of art, which makes it all interesting. When an artist does his craft and does not present it to an audience, they are likely to give up on it at some point. But if people know the artist, they will always entice him not to give up on the craft. Not involving others in one’s creativity hinders its spreading (Goins). Art is an exhibition of creativity, a talent that a person cannot discover unless they show it. Some people underrate their art because they are the only ones that get to see the craft. The problem with keeping one’s creativity to oneself is that you will compare it to someone else’s work.

And in most cases, the other person’s piece will seem incredible. But in reality, it could be possible that both arts are excellent but just different. An artist ought to take both praise and criticism for his work without letting it affect his creativity and passion. Sharing one’s creativity helps an artist to keep pushing forward and perfect the craft.

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