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Your first task in this project is to research your chosen prison system. Provide the basic details of how the system runs, who runs what, and any statistical information available. These details are public information and can be found online. Gather as much information as you can find. This assignment will serve as the overview of your chosen prison system.


Conduct research on your chosen state regarding its prison system.
Provide a comprehensive study regarding the number of facilities, their locations, their names, the level of security, the number of inmates at each facility, which facilities are men’s, and which are women’s, who are the wardens of each of the facilities, and any other factual or statistical information that you think it pertinent to the knowledge base of the state’s correctional facilities.
Do not provide information about the jail system – only the prison system.
You must also provide a historical background into the prison system for the state.
Submit your State Prison System Overview, as a 2-3 page Word document.
Follow APA style guidelines, and be sure to cite your sources using APA.

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