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Region/Topic: Coahuiltecans of South Texas and San Antonio

Instructors directions: Create an archaeological research context for the region where you are doing your archaeology Master’s research, or for the topic on which your research is based (if not specific to a region or site). A research context essentially consists of a discussion of previous research that has been done in an area or on a topic, along with a discussion of the still unknown components of that research. For example, previous research may have yielded a chronological gap between 3,000-2,000 BP; your discussion should mention this gap and the need to try to fill it in with additional data.

For site or regional projects, this typically includes summary discussions of: the of the physical environment of the area, the culture history of an area, the types of research that have been undertaken previously, along with a discussion of the key stakeholders in the region and their opinions/insights about the region.

For research on more general topics some of these topics can be tweaked. For example, a research context related to legislative issues may omit discussions of physical environment and culture history (unless these are relevant), and replace these with discussions of more relevant topics such as the history of any existing legislation, which parties (if any) supported or opposed this legislation, how the legislation has (or has not) been employed in the past.

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