Appraisal Comprehensive Reports

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Each report should be 8 pages long.
Helping professionals are frequently called upon to assess individuals and develop professional reports that (1) summarize relevant data, (2) draw conclusions, and (3) propose appropriate recommendations and interventions. Since individuals reading these reports may have little knowledge of appraisal, one’s ability to present well-written, objective, and professional reports is extremely important! So, the purpose of this assignment is to be able to complete the following:
I. Review clients-provided data for Client A and Client B ( see attached Client Demographic Form)
II. Interpret client assessment results (Short Form for the IPIP-NEO) for both Client A and Client B
III. Integrate all collected data into professional write-ups for each client.
Include the following components within your two comprehensive reports for Client A and Client B. Each report should be 8 pg,
A. Identifying Information
B. Reasons for Referral (This section is sometimes also referred to as “Reason for Counseling” or “Presenting Problem”.)
C. Background Information (This section is sometimes also referred to as “Background” or “Case Review”.)
D. Behavioral Observations (we will need to draw this information from how your client described the experience of taking the Short Form for the IPIP-NEO on their Client Demographic Form.)
E. Assessment Results and Interpretation (Please remember to include information about the actual assessment, such as (1) how the client was evaluated, (2) what instrument was used, (3) how it was administered, etc.)
F. Diagnostic Impressions (This section is sometimes also referred to as “Findings”. Please include all of the following subcomponents:
• Highlight the STRENGTHS and CHALLENGES of the “client” based upon the results of the appraisal.
• Identify how the “client’s” support resources (family, school, community, relationships, etc.) could be utilized.
• Recommend three areas that may be the primary focus of counseling.
G. Summary (Write the summary as if that will be the only thing that anyone reads.)

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