Applying American Values

You MUST organize your paper with a thesis Statement, Introduction, Body, and Conclusion in APA format.

Learning Objective: Applying American Values: You apply the values studied by nominating to the Values and Service “Hall of Fame,” an individual from your personal life who, in your opinion, exemplifies them.

This week’s assignment is to nominate someone you know to the fictitious, Engaged Citizenship Hall of Fame. For this assignment, consider the values presented in the assigned reading articles from Week 1 through Week 6 (Justice, Individualism, Equality, utilitarianism, dissent).  Compose an appropriate tribute arguing that this person’s behavior exhibited one or more of the values examined in the course. If possible, include a photograph or some other appropriate image to represent the person you are nominating. Avoid overly hyperbolic or emotive attributes. 

The person I nominate is Staff Sgt. Zachary Rhyner who was awarded an air force cross and a purple heart. Secretary of the Air Force Michael B. Donley presented Sergeant Rhyner the Air Force Cross for his actions during an intense 6.5-hour battle in Shok Valley, Afghanistan, April 6, 2008. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz also presented Sergeant Rhyner with the Purple Heart. General Schwartz said special forces Soldiers lived to tell the story of the Shok Valley battle thanks to the courage, tenacity, teamwork, as well as the invaluable and selfless efforts of Sergeant Rhyner. Despite injuries he sustained as the result of persistent insurgent fire, Sergeant Rhyner coordinated more than 50 aerial attacks to continuously repel the enemy during the beleaguering battle that occurred during his first deployment. According to the decoration citation, Sergeant Rhyner “provided suppressive fire with his M-4 rifle against enemy fire while fellow teammates were extracted from the line of fire.” Here is the link if you need more information about him:

You MUST Include and reference ALL of the following articles below in your paper. Explain how these articles relate to your paper:


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