Application of grants on online platform

Application of grants can be done on online platforms. The online grant application programs avails a grant seeker with information such as opportunity status, eligibility, funding instrument type, grant category and agency (youtube). Grant application seems simplified for those concerned. Why can’t all grant seekers benefit from such websites?

The government and the private sector extend grant services to investors. However, an investor should have efficient skills to access grants such as good writing, thorough research, leadership, descriptive statistical knowledge and organizational skills(researching with skill). The skill a grant seeker uses is the determinant of grant provision. Could there be other ways grantors could use to fund potential investors who may not bear such skills.

Normally, there is no guarantee that approached grantors will give a positive feedback to a grant proposal. Grant hunting is a game of probability. Therefore, approaching as many funders as possible serves a grant seeker in the best way to increase chances of winning a grant(grant writing for dummies). In the case where one approaches five grantors to fund a $ 20,000 project and all fully agree to fund the project, I would choose to decline other grantors offer and only pick one. I would go for the funder whose conditions perfectly match with my project goals and objectives.

Grants provision come with strings attached, nothing comes for free. After funding a project funders will expect something in return. To avoid commitments to many grantors I would preferably choose one of them. I would scan the suitability of the funders, examine possible limitations associated with the funders and then choose the best grantor that aligns with my purpose(grant writing for dummies). For example, some funders take longer to process money while others take a relatively shorter time. If my project implementation requires urgency, I would go for the funders that pump my project as soon as possible.

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