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Write you work in APA format. Refer to any relevant references and cite them in APA format. Please use the APA ethics 2017 PDF attached as references and site them. You will search for and select a code of ethics from either (a) a US profession that is related to psychology (e.g. social work, physical therapy, legal services, medicine or similar). (a) Write a comparison of the code you have selected with that of the APA. Do this by identifying: 1. what ethical principles and issues are common to both; 2. which of the key elements each code has or emphasizes; 3. elements or principles unique to either code; 4. and propose possible reasons for the differences in the two codes (b) Identify how well each code is influenced by and accommodates the special needs of different organizational pressures or national cultures. (c) Identify how well each code (and its associated guidelines, if any) specifically addresses and accommodates the needs and values of a minority or marginalised group of interest to you. (d) Identify ethical issues raised by current events in your area that either code has not caught up with. (e) Write a brief closing summary stating which code you would prefer to work under and why. PLEASE FOLLOW THE RUBRIC LINKED AND ABOVE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY SO EVERYTHING IS COVERED

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