Antigone on trial

Paper details:Imagine a different ending for the tragedy, Antigone. Instead of being condemned to death by Creon’s command, Antigone is brought to trial for treason against Thebes for disobeying her king by burying her brother.

You are either Antigone’s prosecution or defense lawyer. Write the summation of your case either for or against Antigone, in which you present to the jury your explanation of the issues and your reasoning. Use the theories of politics and ethics (divine command and egoism/social contract theory) discussed in class to determine whether what she did was either immoral and treasonous or moral and loyal. You must also summarize what the opposition would say and try to refute it.

Use the theories to support your case and to critique the theories you think the opposition would use. For example, if you prosecute Antigone on the basis of Hobbes’ theory, then assume your opposition would seek to defend her on the basis of Divine Command theory. Therefore, in addition to explaining Hobbes’ theory, you’ll need to explain briefly what divine command theory is and why it does not work as a defense of Antigone in this case.

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When writing your paper, be sure to follow these guidelines:

This is the time to show that you’ve been reading the text; support your account with well-chosen quotes from these texts. Don’t go overboard—use brief but meaningful quotes or paraphrases. You may use any the notes given in class to help explain the concepts.
Secondary sources of any kind are not permitted. You may only use your knowledge of the texts as we have discussed them in class. The purpose of the assignment is to be an investigation of what you think about the primary texts. Therefore, plagiarism is dealt with severely.
Grammar and spelling must be correct! As a rule of thumb, I will deduct a half-grade for every 5 errors. Be sure to consult Dr. Vigliotti’s Pro-Tips for Writing Good Philosophy Papers to avoid common errors that will cost you points.
Remember that the paper’s length should be roughly 4 full pages. I do not think an adequate answer can be given in less than that. Remember also to give a full answer; don’t stop writing just because you’ve hit the end of page 4.
Late papers will be penalized at the rate of one letter grade per calendar day.
Upload your document to Canvas. Please save your file in Word or RTF format. Remember to name your document Lastname Firstname Essay 1. (For example, Jefferson Thomas Essay 1).

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