Bob, a resident of a small town in Minnesota, is a data scientist who works remotely. He often performs most of his work at a number of local Starbucks near his house. Recently, Bob noticed that the download speed varied depending on the location of the café. As a curious data scientist, Bob wanted to test his hunch by downloading one gigabyte of data for two weeks in Starbucks located in three towns near his house—Walnut Grove, Mayberry, and Smallville. Use the attached data (“Starbucks and Download Speed”) to analyze the Bob’s findings. (Note: Download speed is measured in the number of seconds it took to download one gig of data. The population is the overall download speed for the three Starbucks. The sample is the number of download times in the three Starbucks for the two weeks.)

What is the research question? (Be sure to mention the three Starbucks locations specifically here along with what you are measuring them in.)
What is the null hypothesis?
What is the research hypothesis? (Non-Directional)
Basic descriiptive analysis of the variables used (e.g., mean, median, SD, range, etc.) in a paragraph form along with the SPSS output showing the descriiptive numbers. Be sure to analyze the three Starbucks separately as an aggregate analysis would not be of much use here.
State the rationale for using analysis of variance (ANOVA) in this investigation using appropriate readings and resources in Module 7. (Please cite specific references.)
Write out the results in an APA format. (Example here: Model ANOVA Write Up_V2.pdf)
Please include appropriate tables (as seen in the example above) from the SPSS output used in your analyses.
*** Post your discussion post by 11:59 pm Thursday and give critical feedback to at least two peers by noon Sunday. After you have received your comment, upload a revised discussion post (if you feel that it is warranted based on your peer feedback and other information you have gathered since the initial post) by 11:59 pm Sunday. Please keep the old version(s) in the discussion post so that revisions and progress can be documented.

Starbucks and Download Speed.sav

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