Annotated Outline of the book of Daniel

Instructions for Annotated Outline


Develop your own annotated outline of the entire biblical book.

  • Outline:
    • The outline should include at least two (2) levels: Roman numerals (I., II., etc.) for major sections, alphabet numerals (A., B., etc.) for secondary levels, and lower-case roman numerals (i., ii., etc.) if any tertiary levels.
    • Each level should be written as a complete sentence.
    • Each level should include the exact verse range.
  • Annotation:
    • Below each major level (I., II., etc.), include a 3-5 sentence paragraph that summarizes that section.
  • Format:
    • Use bold for the major level headings (I., II., etc.).
    • Use italics for the annotation.
    • Use normal text for all other levels.

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