Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review

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In African Americans adult patient with hypertension in a primary care settings (p) how does using antihypertensives alone to manage and treat hypertension (i) compared to counseling and adherence to antihypertensives and lifestyles changes (c) affect blood pressure readings (o)for 8 months(T)

Annotated Bibliographies and Literature Reviews are techniques to help you organize the articles you have read and analyze the content of the information.
In acquiring a background on a topic with the goal of developing an evidence-based practice intervention, it is essential that you identify resources that are both accurate and scientific. How comfortable would you be defending a new intervention if it was based on information from Wikipedia or something that you read in a random blog post that you found using Google? The time taken to ensure that you have located meaningful, credible information will provide confidence in initiating new practice. One characteristic of a credible and thorough research study is the care that is taken prior to the start of a project to determine what is currently known about a subject and to evaluate the quality of the information that is reviewed.
This week, you will focus on finding meaningful, credible evidence on a particular research topic. You will consider what types of sources have been previously vetted by experts in the field for the quality of the content. You will also explore the different types of evidence that can be used, and you are introduced to search techniques for identifying evidence for EBP.

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