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Describe in one page the topic you wish to explore for your dissertation research. TOPIC IS BULLYING AMONG KIDS WITH AUTISM

Locate five peer-reviewed articles published within the past five years related to your selected topic. Do not include book chapters, books, editorials, white papers, trade magazine articles, or non-peer-reviewed sources.

Create an annotation for each of the selected articles using the APA format. The annotation should be double-spaced and 200-250 words, including a brief synopsis of the article, the problem, the purpose, a descriiption of the methodology, the findings, the recommendations for future research, and any particular strengths or weaknesses of the article. Please reflect on what the literature really points to in terms of the need for a future study.

Add ten annotated articles (that are directly related to your dissertation topic) and that you have completed in any of your research courses that have been published within the last five years. Please combine your new articles with previous articles.
Length: 5-7 pages

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