Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe

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Apply the insights of Poe’s essay on “The Raven” to some other work of poetry or prose in the course. Scan an English poem by Wilde, Symons, Dowson, or Swinburne and explain how its sounds (its rhyme scheme, rhythms, refrains, alliterations, assonances, and vowel and consonant combinations) affect its sense. Or you might consider a poem by Poe that we have not discussed at length in class, such as “The Bells” or “Annabel Lee.” Are there moments when the sound or tone seems to be especially in concert or in contention with the theme or imagery of the poem? How does it make use of symbols? Does it adhere Poe’s valorization of melancholy, technical unities, and circumscriiption of space?

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