Ankle Syndesmotic Injuries

Paper details: I have attached the written paper instructions as well as multiple articles you may use as references for this research paper regarding my portion. The example attached includes an entire group paper. However, the only portion I will need to do is mine which is on ankle syndesmosis injuries (high ankle sprains).

Please DO NOT work on the anatomy or etiology portions. I have attached an example and crossed them out to show that it is not needed.

The only portions that will need to be done, are the
-Descriiption of pathology (NOT INCLUDING ANATOMY OR ETIOLOGY)
-Everything from signs and symptoms (highlighted in red) down to the case study example.
– The case study and tables that summarize the information will only be on my portion (Ankle Syndesmotic injuries)
-Please follow the written instructions document as well as the MSK example.pdf for a reference on what will be considered an excellent paper.

Thank you!

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