Ancient History

Ancient History

The Mauryan Empire is believed to be the first dynasty to rule most of India’s subcontinent. Though it was a small political empire it showed significant development in Buddhism, writing, and growth of urban centers. The dynasty thrived the most under leaderships of King Asoka. Leadership in the Mauryan Empire was hereditary. The reign’s governance structure was divided into regions that were led by Kumara, who represented the king. King Asoka embraced Buddhism which advocated for commitment to the king and termination of any form of violence (Hirst). With such improved law enforcement, internal conflicts and crimes were greatly reduced during the dynasty. The Buddhism religion was of great aid to Asoka as it helped him ensure citizens were gentle to each other and loyal to him. Under no circumstance was religion used by leaders to certify their ambitious desires for power.

In ancient China after the death of an emperor died, his oldest son was supposed to take over the reign. However, this did not happen often as most people would not be in favor of the deceased leader which triggered rivalry. Battles would decide who would form the next empire. The government structure in the Chinese empires was almost similar to that for the Mauryan Empire, the emperor was the overall rule but had representatives. Empires in china are remembered for adhering to religion and allowing the spread of Confucius, Taoism, and Buddhism (Mark). Instilling religious virtues was helpful as it made people in the region friendly to foreigners who brought growth and development to China. Contrary to the Mauryan Empire in China religion was used as an excuse to overthrow emperors, ones it was believed that he was no longer favored by the gods.

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