Analysis of and

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Analysis of and
The purpose of this analysis is to illustrate the success of traffic and conversion.
You will analyze how and Expedia is successful at (Traffic & Conversion,)
Analysis of and
1.Students are to do five different hotel searches (different locations, dates, lengths of stay) on and the same five searches on
2..Determine which site offered the better hotels, better information layout, better incentives to book a hotel. 3. What aspects of the site more effectively influenced them to want to book the hotel?
4. Discuss hotel sort order. How should the sites order the hotels when there might be hundreds of available hotels? By price (lowest to highest, highest to lowest)? By location (closest to the center of the city, closest to transportation hubs)? By user reviews? By star rating? By general appeal?
5. How might the ordering affect conversion rate?
6. Students are to find the email recruitment for each website (this requires you to move through several steps of booking a hotel). Which site does a better job inviting customers to sign up for email deals?
Direct traffic – Directly Search your company –
7. How much traffic do you think your company receives?
8. Why do you think it is so high?
9. What can they do (or continue to do) to make sure this stays high?
Paid referral traffic.
10. Do remember seeing banner ads or video ads while browsing the internet for your website?
11. What kind of advertising would be successful for them (e.g. what products, if advertised, would drive traffic of good quality and quantity)?
Unpaid referral traffic.
12. If you had a website, under what circumstance would you link to Amazon?
13. What could they do to facilitate more referral traffic (e.g. what if they provided social media buttons for key products like Kindle Fire or Amazon fireTV?
Search traffic.
14. Do 5 searches for 5 locations you might consider visiting. (Trip to Paris, Flight to Greece, Travel to ….)
15. For each search record (1) whether your company showed up in the first page of organic results and (2) whether your company had a paid advertisement for that search.
16. What could they have done better?
A good conversion rate for eCommerce websites is 3–5%. Amazon’s is several times higher than that.
17. What is it about Amazon and Amazon shoppers that makes their conversion rate so high?
18. Is it something that other retailers could replicate?
19. Go to the homepage of Amazon to determine what effectively “pulls” consumers to complete the Purchase. Perform a search and determine how Amazon’s suggestions help consumers find the product they’re looking for. How do you think Amazon provides such good suggestions?
20. Now go through the purchase on or Discuss the number of steps in the process and how Amazon makes the process easier vs or discuss how Amazon makes the customer feel secure in their purchase. Point out the account creation process during the checkout procedure. Does it include regular emails? Why do you think Amazon does not have a regular email program?
21. Discuss Amazon Prime. What effect does it have on consumers’ frequency of purchase? On product selection (will they purchase from an alternate seller if it’s available through Amazon Prime)? What costs does Amazon incur from a Prime subscriber? How does Amazon entice buyers to try Prime?
22. Now discuss or do they have a loyalty program like PRIME?
23. Discuss the pros and cons of having or not having one.

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