American Revolution

Paper details:For this essay I will need you to write a critical analysis historical review on the American Revolution. In addition, please provide an analysis on the vital historical details of the 4 listed research sources.
– No quotes! Put information into your own words and utilize your own informed analysis on the review essay.
– No outside sources!

This critical historical review should be based on what you observed and learned from the 4 respective historical research resources utilized for creating this critical analysis essay on the American Revolution.
The final review essay should demonstrate a good level of detailed insight on the diverse events, themes, figures, and related items associated with the American Revolution.
-Here are several Brainstorming questions to consider when examining a given historical topic:

1. Does the historical topic seem transformative and if so or not what is your explanation for why or why not?
2. Who are some of the key historical figures of the American Revolution and what were their major impacts?
3. What were some of the major events of the American Revolution time period and how would you explain the significance of them?
4. Would this be a historical topic you would have liked to experience in person and what is your basis for why or why not?
5. What are great positives and or negatives that developed during the American Revolution era and what is your basis for these choices?

Please contact me if you need clarification!

The four sources will be in a file below!

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