Am I an activist?

An activist is someone who fights to bring social change.  The activist represents the perception of moral beliefs, justice, value or principles of a particular group. The commitment of activist to their cause may make them protest, boycott, petition or involve in demonstrations. It is wrong for people who take activist as dreamers and believe the world is unfair (Kutlaca, Zomeren & Epstude 2020). Activism has impacted change since the beginning of history and is a powerful tool to promote justice. Some people mistake activist with supporters; activists directly involve in activities that cause change while supporters’ effort may be indirect (Lindy, 2019). I must admit that I slightly associated activism with supporting.

               I once witnessed sexual harassment in our community. The sex victim was repeatedly assaulted by men and made to take drugs. I wanted to learn from the girl why she allowed men to mistreat her and do nothing to avoid it. I knew that the girl could not make sound decisions because she was drugged, and she lived with a relative that encouraged the assault. I also investigated the men who violated her and found them irresponsible and alcoholics.  I decided to report to the police because I felt sex trafficking is a violation of human right. Later in the day, I encountered a hashtag in the media that advocated for the rights of women. I shared the story I experienced with the sex victim and spread the hashtag via Tweeter for change. Murthy (2018) suggested that Twitter can be used as a tool to influence unimaginable change apart from serving as a communication vessel. The action I took yielded a positive result because many people pressed for justice and cases of harassment reduced in our area. I also investigated the matter from both sides before taking an activist step. I reported to the law expecting the girls will receive her happy and free life back and believed I would also achieve relief. If you fight for the well being of others in society, you are an activist (Dwyer, Hannay and Algoe2007). Women deserve respect in society and should not be used as toys for satisfying selfish desires. In this instance, I played an essential role in creating change as an activist. 

               I also participated in campaigning the Black Lives Matter movement. I remember when I heard the story from the media, I hesitated before taking sides. Since I knew little about the events that occurred, I decided to google the information. I came to learn about the injustice that had happened in the event. The deceased victim suffered at the hands of brutal police, although he had surrendered. I was angry and at the same time sympathizing with the death of the victim just because of his colour. I also learnt that the movement advocates for equality regardless of race, religion or culture. The Black Lives Matters movement aims to shape a just and free world from corruption. Since I believed in the campaign, I bought a cap and t-shirt printed ‘Black Lives Matters’ and wore it as I walked in the streets. I could join protestants when I encountered them on the roads and carry along flags. I believe in humanity, and I highly cherish diversity. The world appreciates the movement due to the action of people who associate and mention the title of the direction in different places. For instance, footballers wore jerseys praising Black Life Matters, and they influenced many people across the world. Likewise, when I wore the t-shirt bearing the title of the movement, I became an activist. When I joined the group that marched in the streets with clothes with the title of the campaign, I also qualified to be an activist (Martin, 2007).    


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