Alcohol issue summary

Paper details:

Course: Community-based Health Interventions

Select your health issue that is amenable to intervention on a community level (i.e. do not focus on clinical interventions). In no more than one page (single-spaced, double spaced between paragraphs), excluding references, describe: 1) the selected health issue; 2) the targeted community/population; 3) why this is an important public health issue for the community/population; and 4) a list of potential intervention approaches organized by social ecological level of influence. Use intervention approaches recommended by the Community Guide, County Health Rankings, or other compendia of evidence-based programs. Identify at least three evidence-based strategies to address your health issue, reflecting at least two ecological levels. Focus on identifying strategies that are relevant to your targeted population/community and which were found to be effective to at least some degree.
All data, points made, and intervention approaches should be supported with citations to the scientific literature (e.g., journal articles; reports from such organizations as CDC, WHO, PAHO; Healthy People; Community Guide, County Health Rankings, etc.). Include a reference list as a separate page at the end. See attached guidance for details and lesson slides.

We can make the topic specific as: Alcohol abuse in seniors.

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