“Against School” by John Taylor Gatto (essay)

After reading his views on the school system in America, I do agree and disagree with some part of his statement he made on the school system in America. John Gatto opposes school, depicts a very pathological picture of the America school system. Gatto, explanation about school system sounds more like an explanation of prison or sweet shop than a school. He insists that the school is not a place for children to learn, grow and prosper. Instead, he believes the school is aiming to oppress the children, they lose their human nature, limit their growth and become adults. Some of John Gatto’s criticisms are fair. I did not disagree immediately with his views on childhood. Immediately attacking those who did not grow fast was the idea that I was embarrassed. I could not imagine that somebody could stimulate entry into an advanced education system for the simple reason that teenagers would grow faster. Children develop at different times. It makes them unprepared for the task. When they are young, they will not be successful in the lesson. He does not really study the students, but they can memorize methods that can be applied to specific problems. Because they are not developed fast. I think every student has the position to learn. Furthermore, he made a statement by saying the school can be boredom for many students and teachers as well, and I really agree with him on this. school can be very stressful sometimes. From my personal experience sometimes when am sick, I normally try my possible best just to be in school because I don’t want to fail or miss any of my classes, which I think is very depressing. When thinking about my educational background, I think that I am lucky. Because my family has really support me financially developing my studies and growing over time. This experience has made me more aware of the general tragedy of teaching inspiration to me and the larger system of creativity and suppression of personal thinking. 
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But I do not think John gatto’s ambiguous solution, letting them manage themselves, as perfect as he wants. At the heart of his argumentation is the theory that the current education system is the power of integration and silence that is used on after another in the group. I do not think the lack of the system, all the freedom and independence that it promises will lead society effectively from this problem. Several structures are necessary, there may be some pressure, stress and difficulty when exercising in the correct way. However, the main factor in this case is the responsibility and responsibility of both parties, teacher and student to education. In other words, this “right way” needs to be “right way” to increase the individuality of each student, but it also needs to be able to use those precious qualities.

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