African American History

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Please write an essay answering ONE of the following questions in at least 1200 words:

1. The trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, or Maafa, was hardly a “trade.” It was a war-inducing process of mass kidnapping, the centerpiece in a global system of expropriation, dispossession, exploitation, and production (of wealth and ideas). How did this system affect the societies and economies of Africa, Europe, and the Americas? Note: in thinking about this question, do not limit yourself to economic factors alone (i.e., consider social relations, culture, ideologies and ideas, etc.)
2. Although the first part of this class is principally about slavery, we spent a great deal of time talking about freedom. Indeed, modern slavery compelled much of the Atlantic world to debate the meaning of freedom—especially in the 18th century. Using examples from the readings and lectures, compare how the enslaved masses of North America and Haiti understood the meaning of freedom, with that of poor white settlers and
revolutionary leaders. Pay attention to the various constitutions they produced and the Enlightenment philosophy supporting their ideas.

Please write an essay that’s clear, concise, and backed by evidence. Regarding citations, you can either footnote or indicate the author and page number in parentheses.
I’ve attached various resources that can be used as evidence. Please try to limit the use of outside resources as much as possible. There are pdf files and power point slides. You don’t need to use all of them, just those that are appropriate for the argument. You may decide to use both, the powerpoints and the pdfs or you may want to stick to the pdfs only, completely up to you. If you have any questions please let me know!

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