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Week 4 Discussion: Opposing Viewpoints in Context
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Go to Opposing Viewpoints in Context (Links to an external site.) through Hatch Library databases and search for an article, video, or podcast that gives a viewpoint on a topic of your choice (see the video below for help on using the Opposing Viewpoints database). After choosing an article/video/podcast, post a response that answers the following questions:

Summarize the viewpoint of the article/video/podcast you chose: what is the issue and what argument is being provided on the issue?
Analyze the argument of the article in terms of its use of pathos, ethos, and logos: Where does the author appeal emotionally to readers? Where do they establish credibility as an author? Where do they use logic and reasoning to support their view? How do you know these are instances of pathos, ethos, and logos?
Analyze the argument of the article in terms of its acknowledgment of counterarguments: is it easy to understand the counterarguments acknowledged in the article? Is the relationship between the author’s argument and counterarguments clear? How effectively does the author refute these counterarguments on their topic?
Your discussion post must be at least three paragraphs in length, and must include an APA citation of the article/video/podcast you are discussing (Opposing Viewpoints provides completed APA citations for all their content). Check the discussion rubric for required responses to peers.

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