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My advertising strategy aims to influence people to consume bodybuilding supplements. My target audience profile includes people with the desire to maintain body fitness or achieve the desired weight. People who need energy while exercising to maintain a healthy lifestyle may consume the product. Likewise, people who need to boost muscles and have a great physical appearance with ease may be full-time consumers of the energy supplements. Medically challenged people such as those with obesity and high blood pressure may require exercise and use the product. Employed people with a strict work schedule spend time in the gym or exercising to relieve their work stress. Therefore, the working classes who engage in physical activities such as running or hitting the gym as a hobby stand as a reliable target market. Body exercising is a tiring and demanding activity that people find quite difficult to follow even though they may want to. Everybody would like to have a physically fit body and feel energetic. The promise body supplements offer in making exercises possible to the target audience may lure them to buying the product. The target market also includes the owners of gyms, hospitals, and other body fitness firms who may purchase the products to resell to their clients. The core target audiences are adults who need a healthy lifestyle and a neat physical appearance in a simplified way (Santo, 2019). 

I call my target audience Trainers. In most cases, trainers avoid taking junk foods or follow strict food restrictions to maintain a fit body. The target audience visits medical centers where they are advised to exercise or avoid certain diets regularly. Trainers try to hit the gym, commit themselves to exercises, and avoiding junk foods, but after a while, they lose the morale to stick to the system. Trainers admire people they see on television who have gorgeous spouses, seducing body, and attractive muscles. With an attractive physical appearance, the target market believes that confidence and courage automatically emerge. Trainers also believe exercising reduces health complications and guarantee a prolonged life but still find it difficult to commit themselves in training. Trainers need an option that will give them reason and motivation to exercise. The target market encompasses people of all ages, including teens, adults, and older adults, excluding infants.

In most cases, men desire to achieve muscle when they consume the product while women want to sustain good body shape. The monthly income of the target market exceeds $ 200. After finding a good job, let us consider a young man who marries and bears five children. His routine is driving to work, eating, and returning home to spend time with his family. After several years of relaxing, he realizes he has grown a tummy and weighs more than 150 kg. When he realizes he needs to engage his body, he will need energy-giving drinks and supplements to keep up his hard work. Probably he will consume the products expecting positive results that he will be invincible and go past feeling tired or weak. Trainers need a buyer persona to familiarize themselves with and want to get associated with idols in movies and other media. In that case, I will use a famous footballer who has an impressive appearance that the target market admires when conducting my advertising campaign. 


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The basic elements that help understand consumers to a greater extent include primary motivation and resources. When I apply VALS, I will conveniently use effective and customized consumer persona or profiles, identify applicable communication styles, and understand consumers’ mentality. My target audiences are primarily motivated by self- expression, and achievements. The target audience will desire to have a reputable appearance in society and demonstrate their achievements and, at the same time, have a pleasure for physical activities. Employing a communication strategy that will link the target group to prominent experts in working out can persuade consumers to use them.

My target audience closely relates to experiencers. Experiencers are driven by self- expression. Experiencers like trending things and engaging in risky activities. They are also keen to maintain a reputable image, and they like getting attention, power, and popularity. They are willing to commit themselves in strict schedules to be in physical fitness. Experiencers want to engage in physical activities such as sports, exercising, and hiking. They are energetic, active, enthusiastic, and always trying to explore the universe. Experiencers willingly spend income on adventurous activities and easily receive advertisement messages. Like the experiencers, my target audience cares how they appear in society; they like it when they feel confident and cool with their bodies. My target audience also wants to seem like the idols in social media or movies, similar to experiencers who spend a crucial part of their time in Netflix and Amazon sites. My target market also includes full-time employees who consider exercising as a hobby to relax their minds. Similarly, with experiencers, my target market regularly attends medical check-ups to ensure there are in good condition. Therefore, my target group will consume my product after going for medical appointments. Since experiencers are sensitive people staging advertisements in television, print media, billboards, movie theaters, and using digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook may yield positive results.

The second group that describes my target audience is the innovators. Innovators are highly successful people that place self-growth as a priority. They always have information in different areas such as culture, health, politics, economics, and other social issues. Innovators enjoy learning and discovering new things. Therefore, they are likely to gather on social grounds where they can share experiences. Innovators also easily receive new products and like to try new things out. They also want to be involved with luxurious and advanced things. Innovators enjoy reading journals, articles, and magazines that impact them with more knowledge. Innovators’ desire to learn and discover new items resembles my target audience because they both seek ways that can improve their exercise. The intelligence of innovators may make them know of health conditions associated with a lack of exercise. They may consume my product because they know the benefits of body fitness. Innovators are mostly active in jobs and always find activities to participate in when they are free. Innovators are also open to different leisure activities, including exercise, and therefore are significant consumers of the products I provide. My target audience also includes successful people who, in most cases, struggle with weight loss. Innovators are examples of people who are financially stable and addicted to junk foods. Innovators are likely to use energy supplements to achieve a desired or healthy weight. Innovators are also owners of bodybuilding firms and distributors of products; they are likely to purchase my products for business functions.  


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