Adolescent Program Development

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Adolescent Program Development
In reviewing the material this week focusing on adolescents the authors highlighted areas that take place during adolescents’ biological, psychological, and social development. The chapters discussed substance use, significant life events, identity development, and sexual activity. Considering the topics discussed in this week’s readings you will create a program that focuses on addressing one of the issues/ life events that take place during adolescence. You will need to provide a 300-500 word response to the questions provided below. Your submission is due Friday by 11:59 PM.
What type of program will you create that focuses on adolescent development (IPV, gender identity and sexual orientation, substance use, sexual activity, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy etc.)
What will be the age group you will work with and the name of your program? Explain why you selected this specific age group.
How will your program be funded?
What type of program will you create? Example a support group, after school program, educational program, comprehensive sexual education program, etc. Explain why you selected this type of group and a resource or service you want the youth to receive from your program?
What theory can support your work with the youth in the program (empowerment, cognitive, social learning theory, rational choice theory, psychodynamic theory etc.). How would you apply the theory to your work with the youth?
What is an example of how you plan to empower the youth in the program?
What core value of social work will be of support when working to provide resources to the youth? Explain your reason for selecting the core value.
Please use APA 7th edition as well for formatting.

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