Admission Essay

Being creative is a lifestyle that embraces novelty by making authentic linkages between apparently incongruent ideas. It is an art of viewing life from a different from other people. According to my understanding being creativity calls for risk-taking. Having a creative mindset discourages fear and encourages curiosity and a daring spirit (Roe). As I use my creativity to tackle problems I have come to learn that I cannot let the fear of failing have the better of me. Greatness is not just handed over to anyone, but instead, it is worked for, and failure does not mean you should give up.

With my creative skill of problem solving I have been able to achieve a lot in my school work. For instance, when I was the school captain I managed to reduce incidences of bullying and violence in school. If it were not for my creativity, this achievement would have only been just a mere dream. Fortunate for me after I was chosen captain I ensured that I had a close and friendly relation with my peers so that I would understand all that they go through. Having a clear understanding of the environment in which a problem emanates from makes it easier to identify its source and come up with practical measures to curbing it. Therefore the steps followed to solve crime I school were building intimacy with students, understanding them and lastly implementation of strategies that encourage brotherhood.

Creativity has helped me in avoiding being quick at passing judgment, be it in school or back at home. I always take time to analyze a situation rationally before taking action. In future, I aspire to be a CEO of a big business firm, and evidently, my creative skills will come in handy in ensuring that employees’ welfare is guaranteed.

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