Paper details:

· First, look at the advertisement provided.
· Once you have your text, what do you do?
· Decide what parts you want to analyze
o What is most interesting?
o What is intriguing you?
o Does the argument interest you? Is it logical?
· Steps for visual analysis:
1. Describe the text
2. Establish the Rhetorical Situation
3. Explore your response
4. Consider the context
5. Consider what you know about the artist or sponsor
6. Decide on a focus for your analysis
7. Create a thesis
· You should identify and/or consider the following in your ad:
Product Publication Text/Words Font
Audience Composition Color Tone
Base Requirements:
· Format – MLA Format
· Length – 1.5 to 2 pages
· Focus – You must work with one of the pre-approved Ads on Canvas
1. Attention getter – Draw your reader in
2. Who is the ad for? – Age, economic status
3. Who made the ad? – Say their name, what they do, and their purpose
4. Context – What does the reader need to know about the ad before you start your analysis?
5. Thesis – What are you wanting to say about this ad?
Body Paragraphs:
You need two to three points you are trying to make.
Each paragraph should be focused on one reason your thesis is true.
1. Topic Sentence – What is the focus of this paragraph?
2. Evidence – What elements in the ad support your claim in this paragraph?
3. Analysis –How does that element support your claim?
4. Concluding Sentence – How did you prove your claim? Explain.
1. Restate your claim.
2. Review how you proved your claim.
3. Answer the “So what” question – what was the purpose of what you wrote?

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