Acts, Letters, and Revelation

Paper details:Consider these questions with the information in your textbooks in mind, but feel free to use other sources as needed to add to the conversation. Title each question as follows: “Acts, Letters, and Revelation, Question 1/2”, and restate the question.

1. Give an explanation of the genre of the book of Acts as theological history. What are the implications for this particular genre on the interpretation of the book? How does the reader differentiate between the theology and the history in the book? What kinds of things should an interpreter look for in Acts so as to understand properly the message of the book? In your opinion, should Acts be read for doctrinal purposes? Why or why not? Please give examples from the book of Acts.
2. Look at the letters to the churches in Revelation 2–3 and make a chart of them showing the message of each letter in light of Jesus’ (1) commendation or praise of the church, (2) complaint or rebuke, (3) warning, and (4) promise. Focus on which of the seven churches are presented positively and which are presented negatively and why they are presented in this manner. Then do the same thing for the church which you currently attend. How do you think the things Jesus says to these seven historical churches apply to your church?

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