Activewear – from Durable to Fashionable

Activewear is an informal type of clothing with an athletic and stylish touch. Though designed purposely for sports, it has become casual wear in the past few years. It is now a class of its own in the fashion industry. If you are the kind of person who loves an active outdoor life, then this attire is definitely for you.
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The most exciting part about this class of outfit is that besides making you look fashionable, it will also give you unbelievable flexibility and comfort. Generally, it leaves you looking active, healthy, and relaxed throughout the day.
Well, to get an idea of what activewear looks like, I’ll mention to you a few outfits, under this category of clothing. We have apparel such as hoodies, parkas leggings, sweatshirts, crew neck fleece sweaters, cool bomber jackets, among others.
However, note that activewear isn’t about clothes alone. There are also other accessories such as footwear, that fall under this category of clothing. An excellent example of this is sneakers. What is interesting about this type of shoes is that they come in different designs and colors for your convenience.
1 Popular Activewear Brands1.1 a) Lululemon1.2 b) Outdoor Voices1.3 c) Adidas by Stella McCartney2 Why is Activewear Popular?3 The Bottom Line
Popular Activewear Brands
There are several exclusive and popular brands of activewear. Below are a few examples of the brands currently trending in the market.
a) Lululemon
In an industry with many competitors, you’ll want to do things right to be able to stand out from the rest. That is what the Lululemon brand is all about. The majority of buyers love this brand because of its perfect and expansive range of products.
There are varieties of this brand’s wear that suits everyone. Whether you are looking for training, yoga, or running outfits, Lululemon has got your back. For instance, the brand’s sports bra, pants, and leggings come in a variety of styles, from which you can choose. So, making this brand your ideal activewear, maybe the best decision you’ll ever make.
b) Outdoor Voices
Outdoor Voices is also a brand to watch. Its quick penetration in the clothing industry has caught the eyes of many. It is now the favorite brand for the so-called millennials. The brand’s products are designed using quality fabrics. Its comfortable and simple designs make the outfit commendable. Outdoor Voices outfits are purposely intended for casual activity, making them suitable for any outdoor activities. So, if you love recreational activities, then this brand is the best label for you.
c) Adidas by Stella McCartney
Adidas by Stella McCartney activewear is a combination of one of the greatest and famous sports label and the favorite designers. The combination happens to be the purest and genius idea in the clothing industry. The brand’s products have the most high-performance fabrics, high-quality, and styles ever appreciated in the world of fashion.
What makes the brand a perfect addition to your wardrobe is its outstanding bold colors, floral print as well as innovative fitness designs. Once you get used to this brand, you will probably want to go everywhere, wearing them. Remember, the brand is perfect for any occasion. You can wear the outfits to a brunch, gym, yoga, hiking, or even for an Instagram photo-shoot that you love so much.
Why is Activewear Popular?
Now that you know what activewear is, let’s look at why the outfit has become more popular in the clothing industry.
• Fancy and Pretty Look
Activewear brings transformation to your general physical look. The attire is pretty, with intricate designs, and comes in varieties of colors. You can wear clothes such as leggings with anything, and you will still look elegant. With many choices at your disposal, you can easily pick that which interests you.
For instance, you can wear black leggings matched with a long flowy top, chic hearings, and strappy heels. The combination will make you have an elegant look on a night out date. You can also wear the same when picking your children from school. They are also ideal for a picnic trip, play date, hiking, and workout at the gym.
• Comfort and Flexibility
Comfort and flexibility is another reason why activewear is fashionable. Apart from making you feel relaxed, it enables you to move around freely. The outfit stays in place, and so, you do not have to keep on adjusting every time.
The attire is also ideal for stay-home-moms as they can comfortably run around the house with kids. They are also comfortable when you wear them to the gym, or for exercise.
• High Quality and Durability
Lastly, they are designed using quality and durable fabric. The material used to make activewear is also capable of absorbing sweat. The sweat-wicking attire leaves you without sweat stains or dampness. The fabric ensures that the moisture from your skin evaporates, keeping you dry throughout the day. Apart from hiding stains, the material is also easier to wash.
The Bottom Line
Besides its recognition by the majority of brands in the clothing industry, most celebrities have taken the lead in embracing this activewear craze. The superstars have been able to drive this outfit further, making most brands to thrive in the clothing industry.
In general, there is no way activewear is going to lose its popularity in the clothing industry any time soon. Not when the majority of guys are more conscious about what they wear and how they look. Not when more people are joining yoga and gym classes, including athlete club every day. With this trend, this outfit is going to be in fashion for the longest time possible.  

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