Access to healthcare in the midst of pandemic

Paper details:Your task this semester is to find an interesting, important, and researchable social issue that we face in today’s world. For example: Access to healthcare, in the midst of a pandemic Systemic racism in U.S. police forces, and/or in society at large. Continued global dependence on fossil fuels, despite a rapidly warming climate The Great Pacific garbage patch, a/k/a The Pacific trash vortex, a mass of ocean trash that covers an area larger than France. Wealth and opportunity inequality Mass murder in public schools Political extremism The patriarchy Of course, this is just a small list of examples, and you may choose any topic you would like. Choose something that interests you. Ultimately, you will write an essay in which you describe what you have discovered from your research into the issue and offer and rate potential solutions. For this assignment, simply answer the questions

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