A tour through the visualization zoo Article Critique

A tour through the visualization zoo

According to the article “A tour through the visualization zoo” the objective of visualization is to help in the understanding of data by tuning the human eye into detecting patterns, outliners, and trends. This article showcases methodologies for visualizing and interacting various sets of data. Cognitive calculations can be replaced by a well-designed visual representation which is easy to comprehend. From reading the article I learned that as visual representation makes data appealing and accessible it engages a more diversified audience in the analysis and exploration of the data. The only challenge with this is creating a visualization that will be appropriate for a given data (Heer, et al. 1). And this raises the question how can one know for sure that a certain visualizing technique is appropriate with his or her data?

Other than the organization, the relationship is yet another crucial aspect to look into when exploring visualization. For instance in a particular social system who is allied to whom. But certainly, this might make a visualization quite complex making it undesirable. I would like to learn more about how to create a visual presentation that can be understood at first sight with having to explain in-depth to an audience.

This article focuses more on unusual and more sophisticated techniques which are appropriate when it comes to complex sets of data. Though some techniques in the paper might be exotic they are still practically useful. The authors maneuver through visual data visualization methods that might suit statistical data, time-series data, maps, networks, and hierarchies. There remain other visual encoding techniques out there that wait to be uncovered. With the emerging bioinformatics designers and researchers have to continue formulating modern and creative representations.

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