A reflection using ERA model

Write a Word document (400 words) using the ERA model which reflects on what you have learnt from the International Hotel Management programme so far and relate this to your future career choice. Approximately 100 words should be use on the desсrіption, about 200- 225 on your personal response and about 75-100 words on how you can apply this in future. Students must save the assignment as a Word document, not as Open Document Text. Contribution to Overall Module Assessment: 12.5%

Common Assessment Criteria Applied Marks available Marks awarded 1. Submitted work is within the 400 word limit and presented as a Word document.2. Quality of written English (grammar and spelling) in Word.3. Quality of content a) – how well is the assignment structured? 4. Quality of content b) – did the student adhere to the assignment brief, describing, reflecting and considering lessons for the future?5. Presentation of document i.e. page layout, headings, size of font (minimum 12 pt. in Ariel, Times

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