a critical analysis response essay.


Paper details:

ESSAY I: Preparation for a critical analysis response essay.
Targeted Learning Outcome:
Demonstrate comprehensive and reflective reading skills, as well as the ability to annotate a text.
DO THIS:Understand that what you are working on now is develeloping a plan, a blueprint for the response essay you are about to write.

Select ONE of the source readings and begin the / planning / drafting of an essay as a response to what you have read.
Understand that developing an essay plan involves a process.

That Process involves the following steps: Annotate the reading you have selected, noting points and observations you come across as you do the reading. Set these points aside for later inclusion into your final essay. This essay plan you are now working on is the basic picture of what your essay will contain – the argument you will make for or against the debate in the source reading – when you have finished reading your chosen article from the two listed for this assignment; this is what your essay will sound, look, and read like in the final drafting or planning when all reviewing, revising, and editing have been completed. Understand that all you are doing now is working on a detailed essay plan in preparation for writing one major essay for this SESSION I. That DRAFT or essay PLAN or OUTLINE you are now working on is not due until Friday, February 18, 2022 no later than 10:00 PM, EST.
ATTENTION: It is important to understand that a “draft” is not a complete essay just yet and that the plan for the essay cannot be submitted as if it were already a complete final essay. Rather, a draft is a blueprint, an outline, a plan of action, a preparation to a response essay that you will later submit in the format of a complete, reviewed, revised, and edited essay at the end of Week 5.

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