5.2 Harassment and Bullying in the HPE Curriculum


5.2 Harassment and Bullying in the HPE Curriculum

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5.2 Harassment and Bullying in the HPE Curriculum
A safe, inclusive and equitable school environment fosters and supports learning, ongoing development of positive behaviour, including respect, responsibility, and civility. All school boards and police services in Ontario are required to have a local police/school board protocol in place to guide police involvement in schools.

Complete the following:

1. Locate your school’s board’s policy (Peel District School Board) on Harassment and Bullying. The board that you will research is the PEEL DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD.

2. In your current school, how are the problems of bullying and harassment being actively addressed by administration and the teachers? How effective is the policy?

3. Select a grade, and Identify specific expectations in the HPE Curriculum that address harassment and/or bullying. Using that expectation, devise an activity that meets the expectation of both the curriculum and the school’s board’s policy.

Submit your findings and activity.

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