3-2 Final Project Milestone Two: Musical Interpretation

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For Milestone Two, you will submit your musical interpretation. Begin your interpretation of the work by discussing your thoughts on the work and the musical
elements that created the impressions you received from the music. Some musical analysis is necessary. For instance, you will identify which musical instruments
are used, dynamics, tempo, form, and so on, as discussed in Module One. This assignment should be at least two pages long.
Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:
II. Musical Interpretation: As you listen to the work, pay attention to the different musical elements and how they work together to create the work. As you
listen, does the music create any images or stories in your mind or remind you of anything? Does it create any feelings or emotions in you?
a) Identify each of the musical elements of the composition. Explain how each musical element is used and why they are important (e.g., the work
of art’s dynamics, rhythm, tempo, form, etc.).
b) Analyze how the musical elements were employed in the work to create specific impressions. Did the elements change in different sections of
the work? Was the melody more important in one section and the tempo or rhythm in another? Were different elements used to create different
ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, or pictures in your mind?
c) Summarize a personal interpretation of the music. What about the piece first attracted you to it? The melody, rhythm, harmony, or something
else? How did the chosen piece’s musical elements personally affect you? Is there a mood or emotion evoked by the work? Did it create a story
or any images in your mind, or was it just enjoyable to listen to? Did you have different thoughts and/or feelings in different sections of the
musical work? Does the emotion, feeling, or picture change as you listen to the entire work, or is it similar throughout? Have you heard the piece
in the past, and if so, in what context?

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