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Mysticism entails human activities that relate to God directly rather than through knowledge. Although Augustine was not a mystic deep appreciation of God’s merciful love may be traced in his theology. He earnestly believed that all persons are worthy of eternal damnation. According to St. Augustine, since we repent to be forgiven, therefore being saved can only be as a result of God’s merciful love, rescuing those even those that seem not to deserve. Servants of God are lifted different and therefore not everyone is called to cultivate the life of the mind in a disciplined mode.  It is not necessarily that all Christians be part of the intellectual pursuit. Although Mother Teresa was not well educated, she saw value in having some of the individuals in the Christian community to cultivate in the intellectual disciplines. She served and sought assistance from fellow Christians who supported intellectual conversions.

In summary, according to the creation story, God is the creator of everything on this earth. As from the book of Genesis 1, it starts with a divine drama which can only be understood from the stance of faith. How the processes were being conducted and the time they took are some of the questions that nobody can provide a satisfactory answer. On the other hand, the Theory of Evolution which was formulated by Darwin suggests that animals and plants emerged from a single-celled life form. In this context both human beings had to struggle and fight for survival with the strongest being victorious.  This shows that people were different which is contrary to the creation doctrine where it is believed that we are all equal as we were created in God’s likeness. The cycle of creation in Genesis has some incompatibilities with the evolutionary theory. For instance according to Genesis light was created on day one. However, its primary source comes into the picture on the fourth day.

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