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1: Save this step as a word document
Create additional pages on site: About Me, Family, Goals.
Enter comment where content will be.
Format them in a way that is visually appealing.
Create links to these pages from the main home page (index.html) and link back to the home page from these pages.
Create a simple external CSS page to control at least 2 elements on the main page. Be sure to comment when and what you did on the CSS page.
2: Save this step as a word document
Create an external CSS style sheet that formats other personal site pages.
Use it for each page on the site.
Create a link on your home page to 2nd style sheet for at least 1 additional page. Be sure to use lots of comments in the CSS sheet and HTML code.
Create at least one table on the main page.
Place the links in your table to make them more visually appealing.
Create a contact form on site that uses email as the submission method.
Be sure to include some text field, a radio button field, and a drop-down list.

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