′′Young Goodman Brown′′ By : Flannery O′connor

Item Essay 2 Guidelines Focus on theme, tone, symbol, or style. This essay is ANALYTICAL. IT IS NOT A SUMMARY. Do not retell the story; assume your reader has read it. Check your calendar for due dates and due times! Your essay mus t have these components: (1) an introduction , (2) body , (3) conclusion , (4 ) thesis statement , (5 ) good development , (6 ) topic sentences, and (7) transition words . Your paper must be MLA format double-spaced, three full pages (about 900 words), and written in 12 point font. You must cite your main source (primary source), incorporate and cite 3 secondary sources from the library databases, and adhere to MLA style formatting. – YOU MUST DO RESEARCH to aid you in writing this assignment, and you must use proper MLA documentation that accurately credits your sources. -For this assignment, a secondary source is one that discusses or analyzes your chosen story. Many academic journals contain articles that discuss short stories. You must locate your secondary sources from the library databases (such as Gale Literary Databases, Academic Search Complete, Literature Resource Center, Gale Virtual Reference Library). Secondary sources such as Shmoop, Cliff′s Notes, SparkNotes, enotes.com, bookrags.com, 123helpme.com, Wiki anything, and exampleessays.com ARE UNACCEPTABLE. Your secondary source must come from an academic journal or published book from the GTC Library Databases. NOTES AND REMINDERS: If you submit an essay with plagiarized material, you will earn a 0 on the assignment, and for repeated offenses, dismissal from the course. -Primary Source: The piece of literature you are analyzing is your primary source. -Secondary Sources: The critical literary articles in academic journals found in the GTC Library databases are the secondary sources. You may use more than three secondary sources. Three (3) secondary sources is the minimum required for this assignment. – Use MLA FORMAT (Times New Roman 12; double spaced; 1 inch margin; heading; header with last name page number inserted using header function, etc.). – You must use quotations from both the literature selection you are analyzing AND from your 3 secondary sources (minimum). Use correct in-text formatting. Remember that quotations must connect to your words and cannot stand alone in the essay. – When quoting from a story, your in text parenthetical citations use the author and page number in the parentheses. GUIDELINES Introduction (at least 5-6 sentences) ___Your introduction should be about five to six sentences long (including your thesis). ___Preferably, your thesis should have three clear points. You may have a two-point thesis, but you still need to have three body paragraphs. ___Mention the name of the author and the author’s work. Body Paragraphs (at least 9-10 sentences) A standard essay has three body paragraphs. YOU MUST ANALYZE SOMETHING!! DON’T SUMMARIZE!! ___Each body paragraph should start with a transition word and have a topic sentence. Most paragraphs are about nine-10 lines long. ___ All body paragraphs should have well-developed examples. Write precise, thorough examples to prove your thesis. ___Transition words (meanwhile, furthermore, therefore, finally, first, second, in conclusion) ___Topic sentences ___ You must have at least one in-text citation per body paragraph ( no more than two in-text citations per body paragraph, including blended or direct with signal phrases, quotation marks, and parentheticals). Conclusion (at 5-6 sentences) ___Your conclusion should restate the main idea of your essay in an interesting way and wrap up the ideas presented in body. Grammar and Mechanics ___ No glaring grammar mistakes (fragments, agreement issues, verb tense shifts, run-ons, comma splices, wordiness, awkward sentence structures, no comma errors or punctuation errors, misspelled, no grammar and mechanics related errors) ___ Mature vocabulary, diction, and syntax are evident. ___ Sentence structure shows control and some variety Audience and Tone ___ Academic papers require the use of formal language. ___ Avoid slang language (no text message language). ___Use the third person point of view (he, she, one, a person, etc.), not the first person point of view (I), or the second person point of view (you). Works Cited Page ___You must have a works cited page.

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